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Discovery basket

"Exceptional oils in Provence"

4 metal cans of 100ml of olive oil

100% French cultivated and made in Haute Provence in the Mées region.

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Discovery basket including:

4 metal cans of 100ml of 100% French olive oil cultivated and manufactured in Haute Provence in the Mées region.

Each olive oil has specific aromas and fragrances. This discovery basket of olive oils will be the opportunity to try them in your dishes and preparations.

In this basket you will find 4 high quality olive oils.

    A matured organic olive oil round in the mouth with aromas of black olive and prunes
    A PDO Provence olive oil Mild matured olives with aromas of tapenade and cocoa
    An intense green fruity PDO Provence olive oil with notes of fresh grass and green banana
    An ultra intense green fruity PDO Haute Provence olive oil with a scent of fresh grass and artichoke

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