Organic Garrigue Honey - 500g


Organic Garrigue Honey, IGP, LABEL ROUGE

Jar 500g

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Organic Garrigue Honey, IGP, LABEL ROUGE

"Honey of the Penitents"

Professional Beekeeper & Harvester: Lionel CHAUVET

Jar 500g

A lavender honey harvested and produced in the Alpes de Haute Provence, it is extracted within 48 hours of its harvest in order to preserve all its qualities and aromas.

A production method that promotes localization in natural spaces and honey is left in the hives at each harvest for the bees.

Organic is not about controlling where the bees go foraging, but about offering them a habitat and a foraging area without pesticides.

The thin white film on the surface is made up of wax, propolis and pollen, very good allies for the winter.

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