come from olives harvested at the very beginning of the season

(Late October – early November in the Alpes de Haute Provence department).


These olives are picked a few days before their full maturity when their colour differs from green to purple.

These are the most qualitative olives because they are the most aromatic and the richest in polyphenols.

The olives will be transformed into oil on the same day of harvest to preserve their freshness and their aromas.


Fruity, is the set of olfactory sensations characteristic of the oil recalling the green fruits (plant, herbaceous and green fruit aromas) depending on the variety of olives, coming from healthy and fresh fruit, and perceived by direct and/or retro-nasal way.


These oils may show pungency and/or bitterness due to the freshness of the olives.

This is called the structure of olive oil

The pungency and bitterness are positive attributes..


Intensity of positive attributes:

0 < light(e) < 3 ≤ medium(ne) <  6  ≤ intense ≤ 10


It is the nose and the mouth that allow to judge the intensity and persistence of the fruity .

The structure of olive oil does not affect the type of fruit.

A green fruity is not necessarily ardent and bitter.


The pungency  is a tactile sensation of tingling, characteristic of the oils produced at the beginning of the campaign that can be perceived throughout the oral cavity, especially in the throat.

Bitterness is the characteristic elementary taste of oil obtained from green olives or in the stage of veraison (before an advanced maturity), perceived on the edges of the tongue and cheeks.


Be careful, these attributes should not however mask the aromas.


For the Alpes de Haute Provence:

Intensity of fruit : 4 – 6 / 10

Intensity of bitterness : 2 – 4 / 10

Pungency intensity : 2 – 5 / 10


Our olive oils are produced at Domaine Salvator exclusively from our orchards 

(Organic  for Picholine varieties and tanche for organic conversion for the remainder).



Our 2 cuvées in  Green Fruity :


  • Cuvée 
    AOP Haute Provence

    Huile d’olive vierge extra fruité vert

    Une huile d’olive intense aux sensations herbacées

    Variété : MONOVARIETALE Aglandau

    Piquant : 5/10       Amertume : 4/10

  • Cuvée 
    AOP Provence

    Huile d’olive vierge extra fruité vert

    Un fruité vert aux arômes puissants

    Variété : Bouteillan 80 %, Aglandau 20%

    Piquant : 5/10       Amertume : 2/10




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