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Tapenade 180g

Olive Cream developed from olives and aoc olive oil. Simply on toast, it is an aperitif as light as delicious. In your meals, it will reveal all the aroma of southern France.


Price €8.63

Old olive trees vintage...

Vieux Oliviers

(nommée auparavant Cuvée Ventaïre)

Une huile d’olive très douce au goût d’olive noire.

Piquant: 1/10   Amertume: 1/10

Expérience sensorielle: olives noires, vanille, cacao

Dégustation : salades, ratatouille, aïoli, anchoïade, crustacés.

Organic Olive Oil 50cl


An amazing sweetness with warm flavors. 

Pungent: 1/10   Bitterness: 1/10

Sensory experience: black olives, prunes, candied fruit.

Tasting : salads, fried vegetables, desserts.

Glass bottle  

Price €23.70

Paradise Vintage AOP...

Olive Oil Paradis

Green fruity with powerful aromas PDO Provence

First-rate virgin olive oil green fruity

Olive oils exclusively produced from the olive orchards of Salvator Estate. The olives are turned into oil on the spot, on the very day of the picking.

Glass bottle  

Price €23.70

Durance vintage olive oil...


An intense olive oil with herbaceous sensations. 

Pungent: 5/10   Bitterness: 4/10

Sensory experience: fresh herbs, raw artichoke, fresh almond.

Tasting : salads, meat, grilled fish, fresh cheese.

Olive oil and Basil - 50cl

Olive oil naturally flavored with basil. The freshly harvested basil is carefully sorted and then crushed with olive oil for a natural infusion of a few days. After filtration, we obtain a powerful aromatic olive oil that goes wonderfully well with all your Mediterranean dishes.


Price €25.59