Olive oil does not improve over time.

Over time, it loses its nutritional and aromatic qualities.


The mention "To be consumed preferably before ..." is a best before date (Best Before Date). When this date is passed, the olive oil remains edible but its aromas begin to fade over time.

A started oil should be consumed between 5 and 10 months.

Like all fatty substances, one day it will become rancid.

(detect the rancid in the nose: linseed oil, paint, varnish)

-> For a quality filtered oil, stored under normal conditions, the rancid may appear after 4 or 5 years.

The optimal shelf life depends on the storage conditions.

  • Protected from light
  • Safe from heat
  • Excluding gas exchanges (closed container)

To know :

During the storage of olive oils, two main phenomena occur or may occur

• oxidation of oils

• the fermentation of oils

In both cases, the oils undergo chemical and organoleptic changes.


The light :

Prefer a tinted bottle (which closes well) to avoid rancidity.

Keep it in a cupboard or in a place closed to light.

The heat :

Favor an ambient temperature between 15 and 20 ° c.

Olive oil does not stand the cold (it will freeze below 10 ° c but this will not affect its qualities).

-> On the other hand, it is sensitive to heat which will tend to degrade its aromas.

Contact with air (oxygen):

When a container is opened, contact with air will begin the oxidation of the oil.

This is why, you will have to choose smaller containers according to your rate of consumption or an eco-refill.


  • Tinted glass bottle,
  • Metal can,
  • Eco-recharge

Whatever you want ...

The tinted glass bottle will keep both the olive oil and the metal container.

And both are recyclable

These are small containers ranging from 25cl to 1 liter

The eco-refill (flexible and waterproof pocket, surrounded by a cardboard box and fitted with a tap) is a recyclable packaging which guarantees optimal conservation of olive oil (oxygen does not enter the pocket at as it is used) 1.5 liter to 3 liter containers


Practical info:

 If you transfer your olive oil from an eco-refill:

The plastic bottle is not recommended:

difficult to clean and will keep tastes (rancid or detergent), plastic containers of non-food origin are to be avoided completely.

(There are reactions between olive oil and plastic containers not suitable for fatty substances. Olive oil can take up phthalates)

It is best to use a tinted glass bottle or a metal can which will have no interaction with olive oil.

Precautions to follow:

- use a container that is well cleaned and dry before transfer so as not to degrade your new olive oil.

- place your container in a cupboard away from light.

-> If you transfer the same cuvée regularly, there is no need to clean your container (water residue is the worst enemy of olive oil).