"Matured Olives" olive oil

the old-fashioned taste (formerly called  Fruité Noir - Black Fruity)

Is produced from olives harvested in mid-season (from November to January in the Alpes de Haute Provence.)  


During this period, the olives are mainly purple in color.

Once harvested, these olives will undergo a controlled fermentation stage (anaerobic storage), before crushing (oil extraction) 

Processing will take place a few days after harvest.

The maturity of the fruit is not directly taken into account in this type of fruity


Fruity : it is the set of characteristic olfactory sensations of the oil, depending on the variety of olives, coming from healthy and fresh fruits, green or ripe, perceived directly and / or retro nasally.



Olive oil "mature olives"  is an oil delivering intense and evolved aromas of black olive, sourdough bread, cocoa, vanilla, candied fruit, undergrowth, cooked artichoke ...

The bitterness and the ardor are very low.


Positive attributes Intensity

0 < light(e) < 3 ≤ medium(ne) <  6  ≤ intense ≤ 10



It is the nose and the appetizer which make it possible to judge .the intensity and the persistence of the fruitiness.

The structure of olive oil (bitterness, ardor) does not affect the type of fruitiness.


Standard profile of PDO Provence - Ripe olives

Fruity intensity : 3 – 5 / 10

Bitterness intensity : 0 – 2 / 10

Ardence intensity : 0 – 2 / 10



Our olive oils are produced at Domaine Salvator exclusively from our orchards 

( Organic  for Picholine varieties and tench in organic conversion for the rest).


Our 2:  old-style cuvées 





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